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    • HYPR Guard Endpoint 

      Elevate your endpoint security with our MDR Service 
      HYPR Guard Endpoint
      Protecting your digital frontier with our Managed 
      Endpoint Detection and Response service. One endpoint at a time.   
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    HYPR Guard Endpoint: Fortify your digital frontier. 

    In today's digitally driven landscape, endpoint protection stands as the first line of defense against an array of cyber threats. Your endpoints, whether they are laptops, desktops, or mobile devices, serve as the gateways to your digital world, and their security is paramount. Observata's MDR (managed detection and response) service HYPR Guard Endpoint steps into this crucial role, providing a robust shield to safeguard your devices and data from the ever-evolving threat landscape. With cyber adversaries becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for comprehensive endpoint protection has never been greater. HYPR Guard Endpoint is your sentinel, ready to defend your endpoints and ensure the security of your digital realm.

    HYPR Guard Endpoint Pricing - Cybersecurity for the masses


    0 USD

    Enjoy 90 days of included data retention with our service. Additional retention options are available upon request.

    Service price 

    From 25 USD

    Our pricing is simple: Pay per endpoint, per month. Get a custom quote by contacting us.


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    Our complimentary onboarding ensures rapid deployment, getting your organization secured within hours.

    Advanced, streaming analysis, not just a scanning tool

    It's important to highlight that HYPR Endpoint is not merely a scanning service that scans for known threats but an advanced analysis powerhouse watching for the unknowns - the zero day threats. Unlike traditional scanning tools that often miss intricate threats, HYPR Endpoint employs in-depth analysis techniques to scrutinize endpoint activities, detect anomalies, and ensure comprehensive security. This approach allows it to identify potential threats before they escalate, providing you with a proactive and robust defense against an evolving threat landscape.

    Experience Security Excellence: 
    30 Days Free Trial with HYPR Guard Endpoint

    Discover the power of HYPR Guard Endpoint with a no-obligation, 30-day free trial. 
    Get started today and fortify your digital defenses.

    HYPR Guard Endpoint- Features

    CrowdSourced intelligence

    HYPR Endpoint leverages the power of crowdsourced intelligence, drawing from a vast network of users to enhance threat detection and threat hunting and to stay ahead of emerging threats. This collective knowledge ensures that your endpoint security is always informed and up to date.

    Single agent simplicity

    With HYPR Endpoint, simplicity reigns. It offers the convenience of a single-agent solution, streamlining your security stack while providing comprehensive protection. This minimizes the resource overhead and complexity typically associated with multiple agents.

    Seemless onboarding

    HYPR Endpoint takes the hassle out of deployment and onboarding. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive and supported setup process ensure a smooth transition, so you can start benefiting from enhanced security without delays or disruptions.

    Device control

    HYPR Endpoint's device control feature keeps your systems safe by preventing users from connecting unsafe USB devices to their laptops or endpoints. This proactive measure ensures that only trusted devices can access your network, reducing the risk of malware and data breaches through unsecured USB connections.

    90 days data retention

    HYPR Endpoint doesn't just protect you in real-time; it also ensures that historical data is retained for a full 365 days, or for however long you need it. This extensive data retention period is crucial for forensic analysis, compliance, and auditing purposes, enabling you to thoroughly investigate past security incidents and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. 

    Incident management

    In the event of a security incident, HYPR Endpoint provides detailed incident response reporting. It not only identifies the issue but also guides you through the resolution process, helping you recover quickly and effectively.

    Vulnerability mitigation

    HYPR Endpoint takes vulnerability mitigation seriously. It continuously assesses your endpoints for potential vulnerabilities, identifying weaknesses that could be exploited by cyber threats. Once identified, it suggests proactive measures to mitigate these vulnerabilities, ensuring that your endpoints remain fortified and resilient against attacks. This proactive approach reduces the risk of security breaches and enhances your overall cybersecurity posture.

    Visualized risk exposure

    HYPR Endpoint provides a user-friendly dashboard that offers a clear and comprehensive view of your organization's risk exposure. This dashboard consolidates critical data and insights, allowing you to quickly assess and address potential vulnerabilities and threats, ensuring proactive risk management and a fortified security posture.

    Next generation AV

    Equipped with next-generation antivirus capabilities, HYPR Endpoint provides advanced threat prevention. It can identify and neutralize even the most sophisticated malware and ransomware threats, bolstering your defenses.

    Security tool overload - 
    for threat actors 

    Having too many security tools can lead to a complex, convoluted security infrastructure that inadvertently creates a playground for threat actors. With numerous tools to navigate, it becomes easier for cybercriminals to find weak points and exploit vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure. Here HYPR Guard Endpoint can support by consolidating your security tools and streamline your security with expertise monitoring your perimeter, making it harder for threat actors to find an entry point and enhancing your overall defense.

    The Vital Role of a 24/7 SOC and Threat Intelligence in HYPR Guard

    A 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) stands as the guardian of your digital fortress, and in the case of HYPR Guard, it's a relentless protector. Our expert analysts are the sentinels who continuously monitor your digital landscape, making sure that no threat goes unnoticed. They are the first to detect any suspicious activity and are primed to respond swiftly to any security incidents, minimizing potential damage.

    But their vigilance is further amplified by the power of Threat Intelligence within HYPR Guard. This vital component empowers our SOC with real-time insights into emerging threats. Threat intelligence acts as a sentinel within the sentinel, enabling our analysts to not just respond but to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks even before they materialize into full-blown threats. It's this combination of an unwavering 24/7 SOC and the keen eye of threat intelligence that sets HYPR Guard apart, providing you with a security solution that's always one step ahead in safeguarding your digital world.

    HYPR Vision 
    Observability as a Service

    Unlock full insight with our HYPR Vision services, gaining a 

    comprehensive understanding of your systems.

    HYPR Guard 
    Cybersecurity as a Service

    Achieve total security with our HYPR Guard services, 

    ensuring complete protection for your digital assets.