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      HYPR Guard Forte: Protecting your digital realm
      Endpoint and Identity protection in harmony.
      Fortify, protect, and prevail with comprehensive security
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    Unifying your defense: The imperative of Endpoint and Identity Protection

    In today's digital landscape, safeguarding your organization's digital assets and identities is paramount. Cybersecurity threats targeting both endpoints and digital identities are on the rise, with attackers becoming increasingly sophisticated. To fortify your defenses effectively, having both endpoint and identity protection is no longer optional but essential. Furthermore, tight integration and correlation between these two elements are critical for a comprehensive security posture. With HYPR Guard Forte, our unified solution, you can confidently navigate the complex threat landscape, ensuring your digital identities and assets remain protected against evolving cyber threats.

    HYPR Guard Forte Pricing - Complete, unified defense for the masses


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    Enjoy 90 days of included data retention with our service. Additional retention options are available upon request.

    Service price 

    31 USD

    Our pricing is simple: Pay per endpoint, per month. Get a custom quote by contacting us .


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    Our complimentary onboarding ensures rapid deployment, getting your organization secured within hours.

    Unified protection for the digital age

    In today's complex and growing threat landscape, the need for comprehensive protection is non-negotiable. HYPR Guard Forte offers the ultimate solution, seamlessly integrating endpoint and identity protection. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed with expert teams dedicated to monitoring and managing your security. This synergy ensures a shorter meantime to detect and mitigate threats, bolstering your defense against evolving cyber threats. With HYPR Guard Forte, your organization gains the peace of mind that comes from having a unified and expertly managed security solution at your disposal.

    Experience Unified Security Excellence: 
    ​30 Days Free Trial with HYPR Guard Forte

    Discover the power of HYPR Guard Forte with a no-obligation, 30-day free trial. 
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    HYPR Guard Forte - Features

    Unified, integrated security

    HYPR Guard Forte offers the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating HYPR Guard Endpoint and Identity Protection. This unified approach ensures comprehensive protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

    Real time threat detection

    With HYPR Guard Forte, real-time threat detection is at your fingertips. Benefit from instant alerts and proactive threat mitigation, minimizing the impact of security incidents.

    Behavior based security

    Leverage the power of behavior-based analysis to detect anomalies and potential threats. HYPR Guard Forte continuously monitors user behavior, offering a proactive defense against evolving cyber threats.

    24/7 SOC Expertise

    Our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) is staffed with expert teams dedicated to monitoring and managing your security. This ensures that your organization is well-protected at all times.

    Integration and correlation

    The tight integration and correlation between endpoint and identity protection in HYPR Guard Forte provide a unified and cohesive security solution. This synergy enhances your overall defense.

    Detection and mitigation

    HYPR Guard Forte's integrated approach leads to a shorter meantime to detect and mitigate threats. This rapid response minimizes the impact of security incidents, reducing downtime.

    Advanced threat prevention

    Benefit from advanced threat prevention capabilities that safeguard your organization against the most sophisticated cyberattacks, including malware and ransomware.

    Risk based conditional access

    HYPR Guard Forte incorporates risk-based conditional access, allowing you to control user access based on risk levels. This dynamic approach ensures that only authorized users with low-risk profiles gain entry.

    Adaptive access policies

    Adaptive access policies in HYPR Guard Forte dynamically adjust security measures to combat emerging identity threats, providing resilience in the face of evolving cyber challenges.

    Getting started 

    Embarking on your journey with HYPR Guard Forte is straightforward and effective. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free start. Begin with a consultation to assess your specific needs and challenges. Based on this assessment, we'll tailor a solution that perfectly aligns with your requirements. If you prefer a hands-on experience, explore our trial period to witness the benefits firsthand before committing. At Observata, we're committed to ensuring that your digital assets are ready to face the challenges of today's landscape with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Get started today and fortify your digital defenses.

    The Vital Role of a 24/7 SOC and Threat Intelligence in HYPR Guard

    A 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) stands as the guardian of your digital fortress, and in the case of HYPR Guard, it's a relentless protector. Our expert analysts are the sentinels who continuously monitor your digital landscape, making sure that no threat goes unnoticed. They are the first to detect any suspicious activity and are primed to respond swiftly to any security incidents, minimizing potential damage.

    But their vigilance is further amplified by the power of Threat Intelligence within HYPR Guard. This vital component empowers our SOC with real-time insights into emerging threats. Threat intelligence acts as a sentinel within the sentinel, enabling our analysts to not just respond but to proactively identify and mitigate potential risks even before they materialize into full-blown threats. It's this combination of an unwavering 24/7 SOC and the keen eye of threat intelligence that sets HYPR Guard apart, providing you with a security solution that's always one step ahead in safeguarding your digital world.


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