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    • Energize your Observability or Cybersecurity operations

      HYPR Pro: 
      ​Boosting your investment

      Observability and Cybersecurity solutions delivered by our skilled professional services team

    Transforming possibilities into reality with our HYPR Pro services

    At Observata, we understand that every business is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our HYPR Pro team of experts are there to be your strategic partner in turning your observability and cybersecurity operational opportunities into reality. Our experts combine deep industry knowledge in the field with superior skills in our partner platforms, Elastic and CrowdStrike. Whether you need assistance with cybersecurity, observability, cloud security, or more, our professional services will help you.  

    Unlocking the full potential of your investment with professional services

    Managing Elastic and CrowdStrike platforms can be complex, from optimizing data pipelines to ensuring cybersecurity. At Observata, we specialize in enhancing serviceability and maximizing your investment. Our experts, all certified on the Elastic and CrowdStrike platforms, navigate these challenges, providing you with streamlined solutions that improve efficiency, security, and ROI.


    Mastering Elastic and CrowdStrike platforms is crucial for operators and users alike. Proper training ensures you harness their full potential. Observata offers comprehensive training programs, equipping your team with the skills needed to optimize these platforms efficiently and effectively, maximizing their benefits.

    HYPR Vision 
    Observability as a Service

    Unlock full insight with our HYPR Vision services, gaining a 

    comprehensive understanding of your systems.


    HYPR Guard 
    Cybersecurity as a Service

    Achieve total security with our HYPR Guard services, 

    ensuring complete protection for your digital assets.